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we have a unique way of meeting your adventurous expectations

Deep into Nature

Travel to relaxing destinations and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of each location. Slow down, experience the true Japanese way of life away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Amazing Wildlife

Get up close and personal with Japan’s wildlife. Zoos and aquariums might get you close, but centers and farms like the Fox Village are the perfect way to mingle with and take snaps of your favorite furry friends. It’s a unique experience you won’t forget.

Cafe Hopping

A great way to understand a country is through its food. Treat yourself to delicious cuisines, signature dishes, or explore something new. Check-off the restaurants on your bucket lists, follow your favorite food blogger, search for the best places to eat. Its a mouthwatering experience all visitors long for.

Discover Culture

Japan is a country with a unique and fascinating culture. Its language, formalities, and traditions portray its historical background and geography. Study the culture, connect with the people, learn their traditions and it may bring you closer to mindfulness and benefit your soul.

Ultimate Adventure

Do you love a challenge with new adventures and want to add color into your life? Then why not free your soul of fears and try experiencing our ADVENTURE activities. We provide a wide range of activities from light adventures such as rafting, to the more moderate adventures like paragliding, or to the extreme activities like parachuting from a plane in Tokyo. Why not try something new to give yourself and your life a bit of a challenge and excitement!

Fantastic Festival

Remember that trip that, just as luck would have it, fell on a day of local celebrations? The wonder and excitement of taking part in such festivities can engrave memories that last a lifetime! Plan your next trip to coincide with one of Japan’s many significant cultural events, and make many more memories.

Dream Route

Each country has its dream route that everyone wants to journey along. One of Japan’s dream route’s must be the Shimanmikaido bridge. It stretches 70km across the islands and is heaven for cyclists to ride along and marvel at the panoramic sea view. Come search for the route of your dreams at our exotic destinations.

World of Art

The magic of art lies in its limitless boundaries. Everyone can experience art as a wonderful way to create inspiration or to spark ideas. Whether it’s a museum, exhibition, painting, drawing, or sculpture, the chance to observe art in a foreign land will definitely be an astounding experience.