Akita Farm Stay + Nyuto Onsen

Explore what Farm Stay accommodation is like and discover Akita's renowned onsens with milky colored waters

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    Deep into Nature
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Akita Farm Stay + Nyuto Onsen

The Akita Farm Stay is a group of local homes in the Akita prefecture which welcomes tourists. The homes are situated in the towns of Kakunodate, Tazawako, and Nishiki. Each home is unique in its own way, whether it is the size or type of the homes, activities provided, train station pick-up/send-off, or the home owners themselves.


Some may wonder what kind of experience to expect from a FarmStay.


The answer: Be prepared to engage in a true Japanese rural lifestyle while appreciating the surrounding nature. Assist your hosts in the culinary arts, preparing fresh ingredients, fishing, growing and harvesting crops, gardening, clearing snow during the winters, or even preparing for the next farming season. Nevertheless, the activities are unique to each and every home. Get hands-on experience with real activities performed by the homeowners themselves, while on rest days, relax in front of the tv together with the host and exchange knowledge and culture.


After adapting to the lives of the local people, treat yourself to a relaxing session of hydrotherapy here in Akita. Not far from Kakunodate (Appriximately 30km) and Tazawaka (Approximately 20km) there are onsens hidden within nature. The Nyuto Onsens have baths of milky white water with 7 onsens in the village to choose from.


1. Ogama Onsen This ryokan onsen was renovated from the wooden structures of an old elementary school (after the original building broke down in 1977). The original framework of the school building was kept with the long corridor, and the classrooms were transformed into the dining and bathing areas of the ryokan. The Ogama onsen offers an outdoor bathing experience opened all year long, allowing tourists to come and feel the essence of this natural beauty any time of the year. Day trips are also available.


2. Kaniba Onsen Kaniba Onsen is named after the vast amount of crabs inhabiting the marshes of this evergreen forest and was therefore aptly named "crab pool". This large outdoor public bath is situated just 50m from the main building and is located next to the river. Private baths separated for males and females are also available.


3. Kyukamura Nyuto-Onsenkyo Visit the largest and newest location of the Nyuto Onsen. Two hot springs are available (including indoor and outdoor) at this peaceful haven within the beech tree forest. Private baths separated for males and females are also available.


4. Taenoyu Onsen For those seeking a slightly modern twist, this ryokan is perfectly located along the Sendatsu River. Wind down in the 2 hot springs here: the golden hot spring and the silver hot spring, both having different benefits. Want more than just a day trip? Spend the night at the hotel, which is also very popular amongst female travelers due to its kind hospitality. Feel free to enjoy the baths while listening to the sounds of the river, and become enchanted by the sight of the snowy mountains.


5. Tsurunoyu Onsen Tsurunoyu Onsen got its name from an old tale of a hunter who saw cranes (in Japanese, "Tsuru" means crane) healing its wounds here during the spring. For those who love the classics, Tsurunoyu Onsen is the perfect location for you, as it is the oldest of all the 7 locations and is one of the most popular destinations of the Nyuto Onsen Village. Choose from various themed baths or relax in the large outdoor communal bathing area. Shower rooms separated for males and females are also available.


6. Kuroyu onsen Wander deep into the mountains of the Nyuto Onsen area where Kuroyu Onsen is situated. This traditional ryokan inn provides its visitors with both leisurely indoor and outdoor baths suitable for watching the breathtaking sunset.


7. Magoroku Onsen Situated deep inside a valley and located on the other side of the river, lies the Magoroku Onsen. A ryokan inn which is the perfect escape from the village center. It's a short walk from the end of the road (located in the front of the Ookama Onsen Hotel) into the hotel area. Here, you will be able to rejuvenate your body and soul in the 4 "medicated hot springs of the mountains" which were used to heal people in the past.

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