Atami Onsen

A scenic sea-side onsen awaits you at this Japanese ryokan inn with 2 traditional meals inclusive.

  • Experience Style
    Deep into Nature
  • Region
  • Activity Level -
  • Group Size Small Group
    ~ 4

Atami Onsen

Board the Shinkanzen and head towards Shizouku Prefecture, towards the south of Tokyo. After a 40-50 minute ride, you will find yourself at Atami Onsen. It's the perfect location for a day-trip due to its beautiful sea view, onsen town, and amazing cuisines.


Atami or "hot sea" gets its name from the location of the onsens, which are located next to the sea. Therefore, it's no doubt that most accommodations along the seaside come with a hot spring to indulge in.


Beyond the magnificent sea view, travel to Kinomiya Jinja shrine (the "power spot" of Atami) - an auspicious shrine, home to a god that brings luck and good fortune. Take the family or your special one to the Sun Beach and take a cozy walk along the sea. At dusk, watch as the beaches illuminate with the Beach Light Up, created by world-famous lighting designer, Motoko Ishii. For a Mediterranean Sea resort atmosphere, head over to Shinsui Park, a special location recognized as a "secred place for lovers" and for a stunning panoramic view of the sea and city of Atami, climb to the top of Atami Castle's tower.

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