Fox village

Travel to Japan's fox village, a picture perfect paradise that can be easily reached by taxi.

  • Experience Style
    Amazing Wildlife
  • Region
  • Activity Level -
  • Group Size Small Group
    ~ 4

Fox village

Enter the world of animals at Zao Fox Village. Sitting at the top of a mountain near Shiroishi, Zao Fox Village is one of the best places to observe more than 100 types of animals and 6 species of foxes. Though commonly appearing in Japanese folk tales and legends, most visitors come for their adorableness. Fox lovers who want to see them when their fur is the fluffiest, fullest, and most beautiful, should head over to the fox village during the winter months (January - March).


The village is divided into 2 zones:


Zone 1 is a typical zoo, with foxes, rabbits, goats, and horses.


Zone 2 is where visitors get to be up close and personal, and even feed the animals. It is a large enclosed sanctuary and is the highlight of the Fox Village. Watch the cute foxes, of every breed and color, as they roam freely in this opened zoo.

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