Geibikei + LN

Enjoy lunch and a boat-ride while you appreciate the scenic view of the Geibikei Gorge on both sides. It's a beauty to be seen all year round as the scenery changes with every season.

  • Experience Style
    Deep into Nature
  • Region
  • Activity Level -
  • Group Size Small Group
    ~ 4

Geibikei + LN

Nature's creation awaits you at Geibikei, a 2km valley formed by the Satetsu river. Discover the marvelous 50m high limestone cliff called "Geibi" (lion's nose).


Cruise along this famous river tour which takes you to see nature's magnificent works of art (waterfalls, grand rocks, limestone caves, and more). Wander around the rest stop at its legendary small hole within the cliff. Here it is believed that whomever successfully throws a "lucky stone" or "Undama" into the hole will be granted good fortune. Absorb into the atmosphere along with the melodies of Geibi Oiwake folk songs sung by the boatman along your return trip as you feed the fish that thrive in the river. December to February boat rides come with a touch of specialty. To ensure warmth during the trip, delicious hot nabe will be served while you are seated comfortably at a heated kotatsu table.


The Geibikei gorge river cruise (lunch inclusive) takes approximately 90 minutes.

Departure times: 11.00, 12.00, 13.00.

※Departure times (December - March): 12.00, 13.00.

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