Izu Animal Kingdom

Have fun and play with tiny adorable creatures at this famous zoo in Izu. You can also see white tigers and lions up-close from its restaurant.

  • Experience Style
    Amazing Wildlife
  • Region
  • Activity Level -
  • Group Size Small Group
    ~ 4

Izu Animal Kingdom

Izu Animal Kingdom is a paradise for animal lovers to come and visit this massive outdoor zoo. Connect with familiar furry friends and get to know other unique and exotic creatures; the capybara (world's largest rodent), anteater, Patagonian mara, and armadillo.


Pet, feed, and play with these friendly creatures and take a tour on the walking safari to visit the lions, tigers, zebras, elephants, and bears.


Next to the zoo is a fun park and restaurant. Take the children on a ferris wheel ride, go cart, or into the spooky haunted house. Enjoy a leisurely game of mini golf at the sports complex and later enjoy a nice family meal.

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