Kumano Shrine

Pray to the moon at Kumano Shrine and shop for the local delicacy: roasted onigiri.

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Kumano Shrine

Pray to the moon at Kumano shrine and relax at Akayu onsen.

Day1 (souvenir purchasing): roasted onigiri / towels / entrance to the public onsen

* Akayu Onsen Sightseeing Center at Yūnabikarakoro-kan

■ Visit this small souvenir shop in Akayu Onsen for more information on the best places to eat and ryokan accommodations in the area.


* Kumano Shrine

■ Pray at 1 of the 3 greatest shrines in Japan. According to legend a male and female couple had been enshrined here by the deities. It has become a popular place to pray for love.

[How to pray to the moon]

① Hand in the voucher at the entrance, write a letter with your wishes to the 3 rabbit deities.

② A special prayer service is conducted to pray for love.

③ Look for all 3 of the rabbit deities in the back of the shrine and send your wish letter here.

The tour ends and heads back to the accommodation, Uesugino-miyu Goten mori.

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