Log Rafting

Take a journey down the river on traditional log rafts which have been a part of the Japanese civilization for over 600 years

  • Experience Style
    Ultimate Adventure
  • Region
  • Activity Level -
  • Group Size Small Group
    ~ 4

Log Rafting

Raft along Kitayama river passing the exquisite jagged rocks of the Doro-kyo Gorge (Ikada-kudari) on a traditional Japanese log raft. These sturdy logs are tied together to build large rafts almost 10m in length and towed in a long row with a bench placed in the center of each raft which seats 5 people.


As the journey sets off, 3-4 oarsmen in local uniforms will accompany the trip. With their mighty strength, they will paddle and push against the rocks to move the rafts along a 6km route. For over an hour, admire the scenery of both sides of the Kitayama river; a beautiful ravine of rocks. The thrill arises as the rafts pass along the rocks. The oarsmen will instruct everyone to stand up and hold onto the rails. As for when the waters are calm, sit back and relax and enjoy a bit of sunlight as it reflects against the clear water that tinges a beautiful jade green.


Booking a rafting trip along the Dorokyo Gorge (Ikada-kudari) is highly recommended as availability is limited each day. 2 rounds are available daily at 10.40 and 13.00 until 30 August of every year.

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