Mogami River

Cruise along the Mogami River and catch a glimpse of the breathtaking natural scenery

  • Experience Style
    Deep into Nature
  • Region
  • Activity Level -
  • Group Size Small Group
    ~ 4

Mogami River

Cruising along the Mogami River of Yamagata Prefecture will help to sooth your soul as you gaze upon the lush scenery and listen to the tunes sung by the boatman.


Become enchanted by the different scenery that comes with the Mogami River in each of the seasons. Witness Sakura flowers in spring, or the changing colors of the leaves in autumn. Winters come with a special and heartwarming experience. Kotatsu boats, or boats equipped with heated kotatsu tables, will keep you cozy and warm as you cruise along the river.


Several types of boats are available for your selection

- Kotatsu boat: equipped with heated kotatsu tables

- Goza boat: floored with a woven straw carpet

- Tatami boat: floored with tatami mats

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