Nebuta Fest

Witness Nebuta fest, one of the most prominent festivals in Aomori Prefecture which attracts around 2 million visitors annually.

  • Experience Style
    Fantastic Festival
  • Region
  • Activity Level -
  • Group Size Small Group
    ~ 4

Nebuta Fest

Floating lanterns to free oneself from harm and illness; that is the belief behind the Aomori Nebuta Festival. Join the auspicious festivities that occur during the summer, in Aomori Prefecture, when beautiful floats constructed with washi paper on a wire frame parade the town. Every year, over 2 million people congregate in the north of Tohoku to witness the incantations of the festival as floats depicting gods, mythical creatures, and Kabuki characters make this event come to life.

The festival is held on August 2 -7, with the most important dates being August 4 - 7. Join the festivities and partake in the dancing while dressed in a "Hanaeto" costume, witness the winners of the best lantern prize, and become amazed by the fireworks display on the final day.

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