Shonai City + Maiko

Through the convenience of a personal taxi, you can view the flourishing city of Shonai. Indulge in the arts of the Maiiko exhibition, Jellyfish museum, and the tranquility of Yunohama Onsen.

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Shonai City + Maiko

Hop on a taxi and take a tour around the prosperous city of Shonai. Begin the trip at Sakata Station and head onwards to some of the popular attractions:


* Sankyo Sōko warehouse:

a sophisticated rice storehouse located in Sakata. Nowadays, it welcomes tourists to visit its beautiful museum to learn about its long history, the different types of rice, and intricate rice harvesting process. The Yume no Kura complex in front of the 2 buildings is comprised of a souvenir shop, restaurant, and mini museum. There, visitors can eat, drink, shop for local specialties, and learn more about the history and culture of Sakata.


* Somaro (Maiko Tea House):

Considered as the best place to engage with the rich history and culture of this port town of Sakata, this former Japanese restaurant catered to elite guests for over 100 years, before temporarily closing and reopening in 2000 under the name Somaro. The tea house highlights the Maiko dance, a delicate performance which requires 6 months of training in dance, singing, shamisen (Japanese guitar), and numerous other fine etiquette before they may perform in front of guests. One performance is available daily at 12:00pm.


* Kamo Aquarium:

Come and see the impressive collection of jellyfish at Kamo aquarium, located in Tsuruoka of Yamagata Prefecture. With over 50 rare and unique species of jellyfish, the aquarium was awarded a Guinness World Record for having the world's largest collection of jellyfish on display. The aquarium was designed to blend in with the underwater world, and highlights an exquisite glass tank full of jellyfish swimming inside. Performances from other adorable sea creatures are also available 4 times daily. Watch the sharks, fish, and seals, or have the kids test out their art skills in drawing beautiful jellyfish.

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