Tsuruoka History

Dive into the culture and history of Tsuruoka. Visit the magnificent locations via taxi.

  • Experience Style
    Discover Culture
  • Region
  • Activity Level -
  • Group Size Small Group
    ~ 4

Tsuruoka History

This route commences at Tsuruoka Station. With a small taxi (4 pax) and within 2 hours, you will get to visit various attractions:


* Banko Chido Museum (Tour: Approximately 35 mins)

Banko was created in Shonai to educate and provide skill development of the villagers and warriors.


* Taiho Museum (Tour: Approximately 30 mins)

A tall structure designed with a western influence, completed with a red dome and white walls.


* Chido★1 Museum (Tour: Approximately 35 mins)

Discover a collection of artifacts, tools, and transcripts on the traditions of the Shonai people.


The tour ends and returns to Tsuruoka Station.

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