Cafe Hopping

A great way to understand a country is through its food. Treat yourself to delicious cuisines, signature dishes, or explore something new. Check-off the restaurants on your bucket lists, follow your favorite food blogger, search for the best places to eat. Its a mouthwatering experience all visitors long for.


Genbi Shinkansen (Premium Gift)

Appreciate the arts as you travel along the Echigo-yuzawa – Niigata route. This unique Shinkanzen train is a moving art exhibition not to be missed. Receive a special gift and 1,000 Yen shopping gift voucher from JR-East.

Nagano Sora Terrace (1 Lunch)

Hop on a bus or cable car to “SORA terrace”, a destination above the clouds. Taste the wines of SHINSHU and breathe in the refreshing atmosphere of the NABEKURA highlands.

Tohoku Emotion Train (1 Lunch Course or Dessert Course)

Broaden your horizons with a dining experience unlike any other on the Hachinohe – Kuji rail route. Feast on a full-course meal aboard the train with breathtaking views along the way.

Toreiyu Tsubasa Onsen Shinkansen (1 Lunch Bento on Train)

Board the Shinkanzen, dip your feet in the onboard onsen, and enjoy the scenery between Yamagata – Fukushima.

Yamagata City Sightseeing & Yamagata Soba

View the wonders that Yamagata has to offer by bus and don’t forget to try its signature Soba dish

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