Discover Culture

Japan is a country with a unique and fascinating culture. Its language, formalities, and traditions portray its historical background and geography. Study the culture, connect with the people, learn their traditions and it may bring you closer to mindfulness and benefit your soul.


Bonnet Bus Ginzan

Immerse yourself in the local traditions of Obanazawa via the retro bus. Spend the night resting at Ginzen Onsen, a hot spring with the ambience of a Taisho Era ryokan.

Hiraizumi Culture

Visit the world heritage site Hiraizumi of Iwate Prefecture, consisting of immaculate temples, gardens, and archaeological sites.

Kimono Hakodate

Stroll around the enchanting town of Hakodate dressed in a beautiful kimono.

Kumano Shrine

Pray to the moon at Kumano Shrine and shop for the local delicacy: roasted onigiri.

Nikko Edo Wonderland

Travel back in time and experience Japan in the olden days at this amusement park.

Nikko Kimono

Dress up in a traditional kimono and explore the city of Nikko. Then, dine in Japan’s oldest resort.

Shonai City + Maiko

Through the convenience of a personal taxi, you can view the flourishing city of Shonai. Indulge in the arts of the Maiiko exhibition, Jellyfish museum, and the tranquility of Yunohama Onsen.

Sifting a gold dust, Ride on a basin-sharped boat

Spend your holiday sloshing around the waters panning for gold, take a cruise along the river on a Taraibune wood boat, and observe the native wildlife such as Toki birds and rabbits.

Tsuruoka History

Dive into the culture and history of Tsuruoka. Visit the magnificent locations via taxi.

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