Fantastic Festival

Remember that trip that, just as luck would have it, fell on a day of local celebrations? The wonder and excitement of taking part in such festivities can engrave memories that last a lifetime! Plan your next trip to coincide with one of Japan’s many significant cultural events, and make many more memories.


Chikuma River Fireworks Display

Over 10,000 fireworks light up the sky on August 7 of every year. Come and visit this splendor from the Chikuma River by night, while having fun harvesting peaches by day. This small town of Chikuma is new to the tourism scene. Located in Nagano Prefecture, this beautiful town is convenient to travel to from Tokyo. It is a new destination which awaits to be explored.

Nebuta Fest

Witness Nebuta fest, one of the most prominent festivals in Aomori Prefecture which attracts around 2 million visitors annually.

Sendai Tanabata

Come join in 1 of the 3 greatests festivals of Tohoku Region

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