Chubu Region is located in the central part of Honshu Island and comprises of 5 prefectures: Shizouka, Aichi, Gifu, Fukui, and Mie. The region is rich in culture and nature, with unique cuisines from each city and natural onsens throughout the area. Highlights in the region include the exquisite view of Mt. Fuji from afar. Dive deep into the historical village of Shirakawa-go; one of Japan’s UNESCO world heritage sites. Visit Tojibo, a seaside town with a stunning cliff view or explore into the origin of ninjas, the pearl island, and Mie shrines.

Traveling to the Chubu Region is simple. Flights are available directly from Thailand to Chubu Centrair International Airport in Aichi. From there, you can take the Shinkansen to Shizouka, where you can board the local trains into Gifu, Fukui, and Mie.

Best Season:
Autumn, Winter
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Chubu TOUR

Chikuma River Fireworks Display

Over 10,000 fireworks light up the sky on August 7 of every year. Come and visit this splendor from the Chikuma River by night, while having fun harvesting peaches by day. This small town of Chikuma is new to the tourism scene. Located in Nagano Prefecture, this beautiful town is convenient to travel to from Tokyo. It is a new destination which awaits to be explored.

Gero Onsen

Indulge in 1 of the top 3 onsen locations in Japan

Kusatsu Onsen

Relax and unwind at 1 of the top 3 onsens in Japan while staying at a Japanese ryokan inn with 2 meals inclusive for a traditional dining experience.

Nagano Sora Terrace (1 Lunch)

Hop on a bus or cable car to “SORA terrace”, a destination above the clouds. Taste the wines of SHINSHU and breathe in the refreshing atmosphere of the NABEKURA highlands.

Sifting a gold dust, Ride on a basin-sharped boat

Spend your holiday sloshing around the waters panning for gold, take a cruise along the river on a Taraibune wood boat, and observe the native wildlife such as Toki birds and rabbits.

Taxi Golden Niigata

Tour the city of Niigata with the convenience of a personal taxi

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