Chugoku Region is located on the western rim of Honshu Island and comprises of 5 prefectures: Okayama, Tottori, Hiroshima, Shimane, and Yamaguchi. There, you can experience the ancient ways of Japan, which have flourished throughout history. The area is naturally divided into 2 sections by a mountain running through the middle. The part in the north is a rural seaside area filled with nature called San’in. Attractions there include the Tottori sand dunes, samurai village, and the shrine of love. The southern part is a modern zone called Sanyo. The area is famous for its temples, the mystical shrine built on water, historical castles, and ancient caves.

You can travel to the Chugoku Region from Osaka or Fukuoka, which have direct flights from Thailand. Then, by Shinkansen you can connect to the Chugoku region via Okayama, Hiroshima, and Yamaguchi. From there, the local trains can take you to Tottori and Shimane prefectures.

Best Season:
Autumn, Spring
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