Tohoku Region is located towards the north of the Honshu Island. It comprises of 6 prefectures: Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Miyagi, Yamagata, and Fukushima. Most of the area is covered by stretches of hills and mountains with vast forests of tall trees. The mountains of Shirakami are flourished with woodlands and vegetation and has been registered as a Natural World Heritage Site. You can also visit the other rural locations in the area and experience its breathtaking landscapes and views, which include lakes, waterfalls, and natural onsens tucked away within the valleys. The highlight of the Tohoku region is its changing of colors during the fall season and its hallmark event is the lantern festival.

There are several ways to get to the Tohoku Region. Most however, travel to the region from Tokyo, which have direct flights from Thailand. Then from Tokyo, you can take the Shinkansen train onwards to the different prefectures in the Tohoku Region.

Best Season:
Autumn, Winter
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Tohoku TOUR

Aizu Samurai House

Traverse into the world of samurais and learn about their ways through this wax museum

Akita Farm Stay + Nyuto Onsen

Explore what Farm Stay accommodation is like and discover Akita’s renowned onsens with milky colored waters

Bonnet Bus Ginzan

Immerse yourself in the local traditions of Obanazawa via the retro bus. Spend the night resting at Ginzen Onsen, a hot spring with the ambience of a Taisho Era ryokan.

Fox village

Travel to Japan’s fox village, a picture perfect paradise that can be easily reached by taxi.

Genbi Shinkansen (Premium Gift)

Appreciate the arts as you travel along the Echigo-yuzawa – Niigata route. This unique Shinkanzen train is a moving art exhibition not to be missed. Receive a special gift and 1,000 Yen shopping gift voucher from JR-East.

Hiraizumi Culture

Visit the world heritage site Hiraizumi of Iwate Prefecture, consisting of immaculate temples, gardens, and archaeological sites.

Mogami River

Cruise along the Mogami River and catch a glimpse of the breathtaking natural scenery

Naginata Combat EXP

Become a Japanese warrior and test your matial arts skills. Learn about Naginata Combat. Here, we have lessons and refreshments will also be served.

Nebuta Fest

Witness Nebuta fest, one of the most prominent festivals in Aomori Prefecture which attracts around 2 million visitors annually.

Sasagawa Nagare

Cruise on the Sasagawa Nagare in Murakami and have fun feeding the seagulls.

Sendai Tanabata

Come join in 1 of the 3 greatests festivals of Tohoku Region

Shonai City + Maiko

Through the convenience of a personal taxi, you can view the flourishing city of Shonai. Indulge in the arts of the Maiiko exhibition, Jellyfish museum, and the tranquility of Yunohama Onsen.

Snow Monster + NT

Take an excursion to visit the snow monsters, or juhyo, a fantastic phenomenon of nature that can only be seen during the winter

Tohoku Emotion Train (1 Lunch Course or Dessert Course)

Broaden your horizons with a dining experience unlike any other on the Hachinohe – Kuji rail route. Feast on a full-course meal aboard the train with breathtaking views along the way.

Toreiyu Tsubasa Onsen Shinkansen (1 Lunch Bento on Train)

Board the Shinkanzen, dip your feet in the onboard onsen, and enjoy the scenery between Yamagata – Fukushima.

Tsuruoka History

Dive into the culture and history of Tsuruoka. Visit the magnificent locations via taxi.

Yamagata City Sightseeing & Yamagata Soba

View the wonders that Yamagata has to offer by bus and don’t forget to try its signature Soba dish

Zao Ropeway

Journey on the cable cars with a view of the snow monsters; nature’s creation. An experience guaranteed to be fulfilling and memorable.

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